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StevieRay and Laura Hansen are the owners of Brangus Best Cattle Company. StevieRay brings over 40 years of experience in the cattle industry. His wife, Laura, has advanced degrees in Chemistry and Biology. Together, they live and work on their family ranch northwest of Llano, TX.

They love raising grass-fed cattle in the open fields of the Texas Hill Country. Compared to conventionally raised meat, Brangus Best beef has a much better texture and flavor profile. Why? Because the cattle are humanly raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished in open pastures... not tightly penned up and fed grain all day.

Brangus Best beef is leaner and cooks faster than conventionally raised meat. It is five times higher in omega 3 fatty acids, two times higher in conjugated linoleic acids, higher in vitamins A and E, and higher in antioxidants. 

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