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Normally, your package will arrive in two to three days. We ship overnight, direct to your home by UPS. Because our product is very fresh and comes straight from the butcher, there may be a delay in the journey from our ranch to your table. However, we will communicate with you about expected delivery times.


Your box will arrive encased in gel packs. These will keep your grass-fed beef frozen up to 48 hours. By contrast, conventionally raised beef is sometimes shipped across the world before it reaches your table and often experiences several freeze/thaw cycles before it is finally sold to the consumer. Our beef comes directly from our Texas Hill Country ranch to your doorstep.


Our ranch is northwest of Llano, in central Texas.


Yes, we raise our own cattle. We raise Brangus, Angus, and Charolais breeds of cattle.


Our cattle stay on pasture all of their lives and are finished on grass. Conventionally raised cattle are placed in small pens and finished on grain. Grass is the natural food for cows, not grain.


Our Grass-finished meat is dark red in color and has very little marbling. Grain-finished meat will be pink in color and have marbling.


Yes, our meat tastes much better than conventionally raised meat.


Yes, our meat will cook about 30 percent faster than conventionally raised meat, because our meat is very lean.


No, not ever.


Check back again. If you have a question, please contact us by clicking here!