Purchase a Quarter or Eighth of a Cow

Product Descriptions

Quarter of a cow includes: 

  • Rib eye, 4 pounds
  • T-bone, 2 pounds
  • New York, 2 pounds
  • Sirloin, 4 pounds
  • Fajita steaks, 2 pounds
  • Hamburger patties, 8 pounds
  • Bratwurst, 8 pounds
  • Stew meat, 8 pounds
  • Chuck Roast, 6-8 pounds 
  • Short ribs, 2-3 pounds
  • Shanks, 2-3 pounds 
  • Ground beef, 30 pounds

80 pounds for $920

$11.50 per pound

Eighth of a cow includes: 

  • Rib eye, 2 pounds
  • New York strip or T-bone, 2 pounds
  • Sirloin, 2 pounds
  • Fajita steaks, 1 pound
  • Hamburger patties, 4 pounds
  • Bratwurst, 4 pounds
  • Stew meat, 4 pounds
  • Chuck Roast, 3-4 pounds
  • Short ribs or Shanks, 2-3 pounds
  • Ground beef, 15 pounds

40 pounds for $480

$12.00 per pound

Pick up is at local Farmers Markets in the Austin area. Just pay your deposit and Laura will arrange pick up.


Our Llano Ranch

The meat is the best I have eaten, so tender, good flavor, and love that it's healthy grass-fed beef. The icing on this is that you can't meet two more wonderful people to deal with and trust. Thank you, Laura and StevieRay.

Sandy B., Fredericksburg, TX

Finally got to eat some of the beef and OMG it was wonderful ... next time I would like to buy whole one. Thank you!

Naomi R., Marble Falls

I have been buying beef regularly from Laura at Brangus Best Cattle at the Saturday Farmers Market in Georgetown. I have gotten roasts, steaks, and shanks and they have all been great. I especially appreciate the hints that Laura has given me on preparing this young tender meat. I can hardly wait for my special order that will be cut to my specifications so that I can enjoy even more of this wonderful beef.

Len F., Georgetown, TX