Whole Cow for Custom Butcher




How Custom Butcher works:

  • You buy one of our live young steers or heifers.
  • We deliver to the butcher of your choice (Harvest House in Johnson City or IO Ranch Processing in Evant).
  • You pay us $1,975 for the whole. Deposit: $800 for whole.
  • You tell the butcher how you want your meat packaged, such as thickness of steaks, number per package, pounds per package, and size of roasts.
  • You pick up your meat from the butcher when it is ready and pay for the processing fee, typically $650-950 for whole.
  • For a Whole cow, you will have about 350-450 pounds of meat for a whole (typically 20-25 Rib eye steaks, 20-30 T-bone steaks, 14-16 Sirloin steaks, 12-16 Chuck roasts, 12-16 Round roasts, 2-4 Rump roasts, 8-12 Fajita packages, 2 Briskets, 10-16 Cutlet packages, other various cuts as requested, and ground beef). This is about $6-7 per pound.


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